Infrastructure development


The Budimex Group, and in particular its companies conducting construction activity, contribute to the socio-economic development of our country every day. Thousands of kilometres of roads and bridges that we build connect small villages with small towns, and the latter with large agglomerations. Development of infrastructure has a positive impact on almost every aspect of our lives, both social and economic. In turn, public utility projects: museums, philharmonic halls, universities, hospitals, hotels or housing estates not only increase the residents' quality of life, but also contribute to the development of culture, science and art. The range of industrial investments should be added to this, which thanks to the use of state-of-the-art technologies enables our country to thrive and consolidate its international position.

However, we are aware of the impact of the construction process on the daily lives of residents in the vicinity of our investments and of the impact of our activities on the natural environment. Therefore, we make every effort to ensure that the construction process is as troubleless as possible and does not entail significance interference with nature. This effort is reflected in our mission and strategy, adopted policies and organisational culture that help us manage the impact of conducted activities on the surroundings and natural environment.

We implemented the contribution of the Budimex Group to the socio-economic development of our country directly and indirectly, at all stages of the value chain – from the acquisition of materials, through the performance of construction investments, and putting them into service. In 2018:

  • we maintained our leading position and again took the first place among the largest building companies in Poland
  • we were the biggest CIT taxpayer among construction companies
  • we employed nearly 7 thousand persons and strived for employment of a total of 1,100 persons by the end of 2019
  • we worked with more than 17,200 contractors on about 300 construction contracts
  • we donated PLN 82 thousand to volunteer projects of our employees and nearly PLN 1.9 million on social activities
  • 60,000 children in Poland benefited from the Parent Zones, and more than 37,000 students participated in the "ICE Card" programme

Infrastructural projects


In 2018, we were regularly starting investments important for us, continuing implementation of those started in the previous years, as well as we completed several projects particularly significant for us:

  • infrastructural construction:
    • In 2018, we signed 8 contracts on the construction of expressways and motorways with the total net value of PLN 2.6 billion (with participation of consortium partners), which total length came to 99 km. In turn, under the completed projects concerning expressways and motorways, last year we executed 27 agreements with the total net value of PLN 8.7 billion (considering consortium partners), constructing roads 370 km long, which constitutes 1/10 of the total length of expressways and motorways in Poland
    • We delivered before the due date the subsequent section of the Olsztyn bypass (road S51) in the “design and build” system. This section covers over 16 km of the route from Olsztyn Wschód to Olsztyn Południe and includes, among others, the construction of a bridge over the Łyna river, 138 m long, which was conducted on a difficult, boggy area. Works on another 6-km section shall be ended in June 2019, while the total value of the contracts exceeds PLN 1 billion
    • At the end of 2018, in the presence of the Minister of Infrastructure, we signed an agreement to design and build the 8-km section of the expressway S19 Via Carpathia from the Kamień Interchange to the Sokołów Interchange. It is the last section that will connect Rzeszów and Lublin, while its construction shall be ended in April 2022. The contract’s net value comes to almost PLN 233 million
  • railway construction:
    • in 2018, we signed two large railway contracts, with the total net value of PLN 0.6 billion (with participation of consortium partners). We executed 9 contracts with the total net value of 3.2 billion (with participation of consortium partners). Our share in the general value of contracts for rail transport concluded in the last year came to 17% in reference to agreements with the net value below PLN 100 million and 13% for contracts exceeding net PLN 100 million. Thus, we joined the group of three companies with the highest value of railway construction contracts signed in 2018
    • We commenced the project LCS Idzikowice, covering reconstruction of 10 tracks, liquidation of two other, remaining reconstructions and extensions. There shall be constructed 43 railroad switches, thanks to which railway sets will safely change tracks. In addition, there will be replaced the overhead contact line and the station system will be optimised, thus allowing for an increase in freight train speed to 120 km/h and passenger train speed to 230 km/h. The works are to be completed in June 2020. The contract’s value comes to PLN 128 million
  • power plant construction:
    • We continued the construction of a new power plant unit in Elektrownia Turów belonging to PGE. Budimex is one of the contractors of this project. A new unit shall have the power of 450 MW and shall meet all environmental requirements of the BAT conclusion for large power facilities. The investment shall be completed in 2020. Its net value comes to over PLN 3.5 billion
  • general construction:
    • Construction of the Polish History Museum, which shall be ready in 2021. With regard to valuable documents, the building will be equipped, among others, with compartments resistant to load resulting e.g. from demolition of the ground part