Parent Zone. Budimex for Children

As part of the "Parent Zone", we create special places in paediatric hospitals all over Poland, where little patients can spend time with their parents. In addition, parents may prepare there a meal for themselves, take a shower or overnight. This is very important, because thanks to the parents' presence, the average duration of children's hospitalisation is reduced by 31%.

In 2018, we opened 5 zones, which development was supported by 40 volunteers - the Budimex Group's employees. Only in the last year, 60,000 children benefited from all Zones. The programme's ambassadors include Agnieszka Grochowska, an actress, and Dariusz Wardziak, known as "Darek Carpenter", who helped us equip zones with unique furniture. By the end of 2018, 28 open zones were created in the entire country to be used by hospitalised children and their parents. In total, 200 volunteers from Budimex were involved in the development of zones.

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