We pay special attention to education and cooperation in the field of innovation. We implement national and international R & D projects, such as Safeway or Bimerr, where we cooperate with 27 consortium members from 15 European countries.

The Budimex Group continuously works on the modernisation of the construction sector. That is why, within the framework of searching for ideas to improve the organisation inside and for methods to comprehensively act for the benefit of innovations, in January 2018 we commenced cooperation with start-ups in the programme "Budimex Innovations". To the programme, we invite start-ups and experienced companies, offering solutions for our industry. We select the most interesting ideas and implement them together. The project "Budimex Innovations" facilitates the establishment of new business relations oriented towards cooperation at innovative solutions in the construction sector. In addition, it enables us to support young entrepreneurs who already have the concept or ready prototype, while we allow for its business application, ensure mentoring, professional environment for tests and research, and even advisory in invention commercialisation. On the other hand, Budimex receives access to new technologies and knowledge. Last year, out of 101 submitted projects, we completed 6 tests of technologies. The most important information on the programme, partners and an application form for start-ups may be found on the dedicated Internet platform

In the programme "Budimex Innovations", together with Optical Electronics, we tested smart light fixtures for offices that were equipped with innovative sensors allowing for the maximum use of natural lighting. The project's assumption was to confirm that the applied solution was energy-efficient. Installed modules allowed for autonomous operation of every fixture and smooth supplementation of emitted light to the selected and the most beneficial number of lux – depending on lighting conditions in a room and movement detection. For lighting without sensors, there was noted energy uptake at the level of 228.94 kWh and for lamps with sensors – only 66.89 kWh, thus allowing to save 70% of costs.

Value of projects with funding at the level of the European Commission and at the domestic level with participation of the Budimex Group’s companies:

  • SAFEWAY – EUR 4 869 100
  • Brik 2.1 – PLN 3 923 365
  • Brik 2.2 – PLN 7 309 154

In 2018, we were one of 14 partners of the international consortium in the R&D project named SAFEWAY. The project consists in carrying out four real case studies in four countries, which are connected with five regional corridors of the TEN-T base network, conducting, among others, research on climate and weather phenomena and fires, seismic risk and high temperatures are conducted. The project provides for a five-fold improvement of mobility and reduction of costs of infrastructure maintenance by at least 20%. Its implementation is to contribute to the improvement of safety of the transport infrastructure, establish the basis to develop tools for predicting and mitigating effects of extreme events in all types of road disasters.

In turn, both projects Brik 2.1 and Brik 2.2 are completed in cooperation with PKP PLK, Warsaw University of Technology and TINES. They consist in the development of devices for PKP that limit vibration and noise resulting from railway traffic. Budimex will assemble test devices on railway sections and develop the assembly manual.