OHS training and prevention


In 2018, we proactively worked on safety improvement. We also used new technologies to report accidents.

In the Budimex Group, the Health and Safety Protection Plan (BIOZ Plan) standard is valid. It describes rules of safe conduct when employees rotate among construction sites. Every employee in the contract, regardless of being employed in the Budimex Group or by a subcontractor cooperating with us, must undergo training within the scope of OHS and internal safety procedures applicable within the Group. At the beginning of every project, there occurs the so-called “Contract Start” – the contract management meets with an OHS specialist and an environmental protection specialist to discuss the required procedures. One of the priorities for 2018 was, among others, the preparation of OHS communication for foreigners working on construction sites.

The training system and separate OHS procedures of the Budimex Group constitute voluntary additional actions, which we take as a responsible employer. Training takes place more often than ordered by law. The training programme is co-created and assessed by employees, as well as it is consulted with them. OHS training is divided into mandatory and systemic training. In 2018, we trained 2,000 employees, while 414 persons benefited from the first aid training.

In 2018, we introduced several solutions important for improvement of the innovation safety level:

  • In the IT system, we launched a module supporting the process of reporting and testing accidents at work, near misses and environmental emergencies. The module supports also the implementation of necessary preventive measures for the entire organisation.

On selected contracts, we tested the prototype of a smartphone application to report and remove hazards occurring during the construction process by a suitably qualified construction personnel. Installation of the application on mobile phone allows for immediate report of irregularities, taking photos, indicating its location, and even the status – whether the hazard has already been removed. The app enables also to generate appropriate statistics concerning reports. Its aim is to simplify and shorten the communication process and to encourage employees to use it and engage in the safety improvement on construction sites. In 2019, we plan to extend tests to further contracts.