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The company’s activities in the area of corporate responsibility are defined by the CSR Policy adopted in 2010. Together with the objectives, accepted every single time by the CSR Committee, it indicates the directions of Budimex’s activities that serve the interests of stakeholders, the environment and the company itself.

Meetings of the CSR Committee resulted in activities which, inter alia, change the organisational culture towards greater involvement of employees in the company’s operations conducted in the area of corporate responsibility. In 2015, new initiatives will be launched to support this process.

The surveys of job preferences of Polish students indicate that Budimex is perceived as an exceptional employer. The company’s commitment to conducting business in an ethical and transparent manner, with a strong focus on employees’ satisfaction with their work, influences its perception as a company that offers stable employment and professional development opportunities, which is most appreciated by university students seeking jobs. Budimex was among top companies preferred by future employees under the “Engineering” category in the Universum TOP 100 2014 Ranking.

Budimex is a leader in corporate responsibility reporting in the construction industry in Poland. The company has published social reports since 2009. In 2011-2012, these reports were prepared at B+ level, which means that a broad range of GRI indicators described was additionally verified by an independent auditor. Since 2013, the responsible business report has been prepared in line with the most recent GRI G4 guidelines and has been also verified by an independent auditor.

For six years, Budimex has been an active participant in the “UN Global Compact” – an initiative of the Secretary General of the UN, which aims to promote corporate responsibility towards society. The participation of Budimex in the UN GC means that the company complies with 10 fundamental principles of human rights, labour standards, environmental protection and anti-corruption, and is committed to carrying out initiatives that will be the implementation of these principles.

Logo RESPECT IndexThe RESPECT Index is the first index of socially responsible companies, listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange, in Central and Eastern Europe. As a result of an annual three-stage evaluation followed by an audit, companies managed in a responsible and sustainable manner are identified. Since 2011, Budimex has continuously remained a part of the Index, which confirms the company meeting the highest standards of corporate governance and CSR.

Budimex meets international management standards for quality, environment, and occupational safety and health, which is confirmed by relevant certificates: Quality system certificate as per AQAP 2110, Environmental Management System as per ISO 14001, Occupational Health and Safety Management System as per OHSAS/PN-N 18001, and Quality Management System as per ISO 9001. Budimex is also one of the 10 signatories of the Agreement for safety in the construction industry, an informal association of the leading companies operating in the Polish market of general contractors, established in 2010, whose goal is to increase the level of work safety and eliminate fatal accidents in this industry. It assumes execution of a number of projects which implement OHS system solutions, e.g.: common document specimens, a model of confirming professional qualifications of construction workers, and periodic training courses. Currently, for the second year in a row, Budimex is acting as the president of the Agreement.

Budimex DzieciomBudimex carries out two own social programmes. The first one is “Domofon ICE”, a programme launched in 2010. It involves providing grade 0-3 schoolchildren with plastic cards with contact details of their next of kin to be contacted in the event of an emergency. Additionally, the campaign has a broader educational dimension as it promotes the principles of road safety and first aid among young people. All children participating in the programme receive mobile phone-shaped cards together with a fluorescent holder that can easily be fixed to a backpack. Thus far, the programme has included over 15 thousand children from 100 schools nationwide. In 2014 alone, 2,625 children from 25 schools joined the programme.

Another social programme is the “Strefa Rodzica” [Parent Zone]. Its aim is to provide children’s departments at hospitals with isolated zones, where parents can spend time with their sick children in decent conditions. Depending on the needs and conditions in individual hospitals, this can involve refurbishing an unused space or part of a corridor, equipping the hospital with an appropriate number of folding beds or sanitary devices, and organising a place to rest and play with the children. “Parent Zone” also involves the personal engagement of Budimex SA’s employees, who volunteer to outfit renovated spaces, help in the assembly and placing of furniture, and do small finishing works. In 2014, Budimex launched four Parent Zones in children’s hospitals in Poznań, Gdańsk, Szczecin and Kraków. The total number of Parent Zones all over Poland is 8, and they may be used annually by more than 17 thousand children and their guardians.

Effective activities in the area of ​​responsible business have been recognised by the company’s environment. At the 6th “Polish Infrastructure” conference organised by the Executive Club, Budimex was awarded in the category of Social Responsibility Leader as an entity guided by responsibility and care for the social interests and environmental protection.

Budimex's social commitment also demonstrates itself by working together with selected foundations. In 2014, the company donated money to the “Na Ratunek Dzieciom z Chorobą Nowotworową” Foundation for the treatment of children and to the construction of “Przylądek Nadziei” – Clinic of Bone Marrow Transplantation, Oncology and Children’s Haematology of the Wrocław Medical University. The “Wróć" Foundation for Children Injured in Transportation Accidents received funds from Budimex for the purchase of minibuses which will transport children to rehabilitation facilities.

In response to social demand, the company became a partner of the “Budimex Półmaraton Augustowski”, a half marathon race organised to promote healthy lifestyle. It is the largest running event in the region which draws an increasingly bigger number of participants year over year.

As in previous years, the company remains involved in the organisation of the Polish Sailing Championship for the Disabled. The year 2014 witnessed the 20th edition of this event.

Strefa RodzicaBudimex has been a long-time supporter of the J. Waldorff Social Committee for the Stare Powązki Cemetery in Warsaw which was supported in 2014 with funds to save historic chapels and tombstones.

Apart from community, charity and sponsoring initiatives, the company also carried out educational activities, supporting the organisation of professional and industry conferences, congresses and seminars. Budimex representatives participated in many of those as experts.

In 2014, the Budimex Group contributed in total more than PLN 600 thousand to various donations.

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