Awards and distinctions

Budimex Awards

The activity of the Budimex Group in 2014 was recognised by many circles which was reflected in awards and distinctions received by the company.
In the 5th edition of Eurobuild Awards, in which companies operating in the market of construction and commercial real estate compete for prizes, Budimex was given the title of the best construction company listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange.

The company also won in the 3rd edition of TSR Ranking – Złota Akcja in the special category – the best WIG-BUDOWNICTWO 2011-2013 company. ​With a rate of return of over 57%, BUDIMEX was the best construction company in the years 2011-2013, similarly to the years 2010-2012. The jury found Budimex unique not only in its outstanding position but also in beating the result from the last edition of the ranking – by as many as 24 percentage points.

Budimex ranked second in the “Engineering” category in the Universum TOP 100 2014 rating published by the Newsweek weekly. The rating is based on the survey of the students’ job preferences – Universum Student Survey. The survey was conducted among 24 thousand students from 71 universities, grouped by the fields of study. In the survey, the students regarded the employment stability (65%) and the possibility of professional development as the most significant career-related elements. Budimex was regarded by the students as an organisation of high prestige, dynamically growing, innovative and doing very well on the market.

Our company has once again been recognised by the organisers of the “Builder Awards”. In the 12th edition of the competition organised by the editorial team and programme board of the “Builder” monthly, Budimex SA was awarded “Polski Herkules 2014” [Polish Hercule 2014] for the established position of a general contractor on the Polish construction market, reliability and stability of business, achievements in 2014, which made the company to stand out in the sector and among competitors, as well as high quality of performance. The Polish Hercule statuette was also given by the Chapter of the Competition to President Dariusz Blocher for efficient management, effective extension of the company’s potential and competitive advantage, as well as for entrepreneurial skills and business intuition.

Budimex was awarded the title of the “Pearls of the Polish Economy” in the Great Pearls category by the editorial team of the „Polish Market” monthly. The chapter of the competition organised together with the Institute of Econometrics, Warsaw School of Economics, awarded Budimex with a prize for consistent implementation of the policy and strategy, and the leadership position among the most dynamic and effective companies in Poland.

The editors of “”, in cooperation with the Initiative for Infrastructure Association, recognised Budimex during the 2nd Polish Infrastructure Congress in Kraków. ​The company was rewarded for being successful and generating profit in the difficult Polish construction market in spite of difficulties created by the commonly applied criterion of the lowest price, still unsolved issues resulting from the provisions of the law regulating public procurements or very slow administrative processes. All of that was accompanied by the highest standards of works and quality of commissioned facilities.

During the 6th “Polish Infrastructure” conference, organised by the Executive Club, under the honorary patronage of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Development, for the first time prizes for outstanding achievements in the industry were awarded to companies and infrastructure leaders in the Polish market. Under the “Investment of the Year” category, the consortium that Budimex was a partner of (with a 50% share) was presented with the “Polish Infrastructure Diamond” prize for construction of A4 Tarnów-Dębica motorway commissioned on 30 October 2014, as a token of appreciation for the Contractor and Investor who, thanks to effective cooperation, executed a project of significant importance for the development of Polish infrastructure. Budimex, as an entity guided by responsibility and care for the social interests and environmental protection, was also awarded in the category of “Social Responsibility Leader”.

In the most prestigious competition organised by the Polish Association of Civil Engineers and Technicians – “Construction Project of the Year” – Budimex received several awards for the buildings constructed. The first degree awards were won by: The Wielkopolska Centre for Advanced Technologies – Stage I and II in Poznań – in the New Technology Construction Facilities; a complex of multi-family residential buildings with retail & office facilities and an underground garage, technical infrastructure and driveways in Warsaw, at ul. Kruczkowskiego 2 (Powiśle Park) – in the category of Individually Evaluated Construction Facilities and a hotel & office & cinema building at ul. Łąkowa 29 in Łódź (DoubleTree by Hilton hotel) – in the category of Individually Evaluated Construction Facilities. The second degree awards were won by: a complex of multi-family residential buildings with retail & office facilities and an underground garage, and technical infrastructure in Warsaw in the area of Gocławska and Kamionkowska streets (Gocławska Estate) – in the category of Residential Buildings, The Malopolska Centre of Biotechnology in Kraków at ul. Gronostajowa 7A – in the category of New Technology Construction Facilities, and Neptun Office Centre in Gdańsk at ul. Grunwaldzka 105A – in the category of Administration & Office Facilities.

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