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Awards and distinctions

The activity of the Budimex Group in 2016 has been recognised by many circles, which is reflected by the awards and distinctions received by the company.

In the 14th edition of the competition organised by the editorial office and the Programme Council of the Builder magazine, Budimex was awarded the title of Construction Company of the Year, while president Dariusz Blocher was recognised as Industry Personality. The latter award is given to company heads for efficient management, effective expansion of the company’s potential and competitive advantage, as well as entrepreneurial skills and business intuition, and also supporting initiatives of importance for the development of the industry. Construction Company of the Year is a distinction presented to companies in recognitions of their dynamic development and high position in the construction market.

This year, president Dariusz Blocher also received the most prestigious distinction awarded by Parkiet to people and institutions of the Polish capital market — the “Bulls and Bears” statuette — as well as the title of “President of 2016”.

In turn, Executive Club, an organisation of top management representatives of the most important Polish and international companies, honoured president Dariusz Blocher with the prestigious distinction of Polish Infrastructure and Construction Diamonds in the “Effectiveness in management” category. It is an award for outstanding achievements in the industry, presented to infrastructure and constriction companies and leaders in the Polish market. ​

Budimex was also awarded the title and the statuette of Top Builder 2016 for the implementation of the Pomeranian Metropolitan Railway. The distinction was awarded by the editors and the Programme Council of the Builder monthly magazine, which includes scientists involved in the construction industry and practitioners respected in the industry. The statuette is presented for the highest quality products and solutions as well as contracts and projects that use modern architectural design, construction, materials and technology, as well as IT products applicable in architecture and construction.

​Budimex was among the winners of the first edition of the competition organised by the Wprost weekly magazine and received the “Orzeł Tygodnika ‘Wprost’ 2016” (Wprost Eagle 2016) prize for being the “Company with the highest average net profit in 2012–2014”. The prize is awarded to individuals and institutions making a particular contribution to the development of the economy, the region and the country.

Budimex was also one the 9 winners of the Polish Business Patriotism competition organised by the editorial office of Rzeczpospolita and the Foundation for Economic Patriotism, which recognises companies that make a particular contribution to Poland’s development and creating its positive image globally.

In 2016, the Digital Champions Forum honoured Budimex with the 2016 Digital Champion title in the “Digital Transformation” category. The initiative gathers business leaders and professionals involved in the creation of digital transformations and responsible for implementing them.

Budimex was also awarded the Super Wiktoria statuette in the Infrastructure Leader category. The competition is organised by the Warsaw Chamber of Entrepreneurs in order to promote the principles of ethical and fair business and to support entrepreneurship and the economic initiatives of entrepreneurs.

2016 also saw Budimex win the Ethical Company title. The competition organised by Puls Biznesu rewards the companies which undertake actions supporting the creation and strengthening of the organisational culture based on ethics and values in the most complex and systematic way as well as showing outstanding activity in this field compared to other companies in Poland.

In the most prestigious competition organised by the Polish Association of Civil Engineers and Technicians — “Construction Project of the Year” — Budimex received several awards for the buildings constructed.