Compensating communities for nuisances


One of the objectives recorded in our CSR Strategy for the years 2016-2020 and in the Company's Liability Policy is to limit the negative impact of our investments on lives of neighbouring inhabitants. This approach applies to the entire Ferrovial Group. We want to be a good neighbour, which is why we always try to understand and meet the needs of local communities, often engaging in their initiatives. We organise educational campaigns related to road safety for the youngest, first aid, and we finance the purchase of equipment for local volunteer fire departments. We also help the inhabitants in performing minor works, such as the exchange of sand in the sand trap or painting playgrounds. In this way we try to compensate for the nuisance related to the construction.

We also conduct non-obligatory, additional public consultation in the course of designing e.g. bypass routes, road closures. We create feedback channels for the inhabitants – traditional mail boxes, dedicated e-mail address and phone number. In 2018, the objective we stated and accomplished was the Budimex Group involvement in at least 50% of the initiatives submitted to us by local communities.