Reduction of nuisance

Performances of the Budimex Group directly affect the shape of the environment in given local communities. On the one hand, new investments improve the quality of life of the residents – new roads, culture centres, modern hospitals, new jobs, but the construction process itself, often lasting many months, may be disruptive to the environment. It involves transport of building materials, more intense vehicle traffic, noise and dust, traffic restrictions (e.g. re-routing, narrowing or speed limits). Every potential impact of our investments on the environment is analysed at the stage of issuing administrative decisions, where representatives of the inhabitants take part in social consultations in order to reconcile the interests of all parties and avoid possible differences and conflicts, when a given investment is already in progress.

In 2018, 75% of our construction sites used the Group's implemented system for residents to provide their feedback on our works. We committed also our site managers to analyse all complaints from residents, so that corrective actions were taken immediately, if needed.

In 2018, 5 resident satisfaction surveys concerning projects carried out in their surroundings were carried out. Surveys were conducted at our request by an independent research agency. With an invitation to participate in the survey, we reach the inhabitants through online communication, campaigns on Facebook, local press, and MMS. The use of access roads was one of the most frequently indicated nuisance in the surveys. On the other hand, the inhabitants appreciated being informed on possible difficulties or on methods of protection of construction sites and their vicinity from potential hazards. During the reported period, there were no social conflicts which would contribute to the cessation of works.

Social assessment of works carried out by Budimex SA – parent company in the Budimex Group – on 5 selected projects:

Project titlePopulation in the vicinity of the projectNumber of persons who read the survey on our website Number of persons who took part in the initial assessment Number of persons who took part in the detailed assessment
14 persons assessed works positively
DUNE Housing Estate in Mielno 3,000 persons768 persons13 persons assessed works neutrally38 persons
11 persons assessed works negatively
27 persons assessed works positively
Express road S5 (Korzeńsko-Widawa)23,300 persons387 persons25 persons assessed works neutrally71 persons
19 persons assessed works negatively
42 persons assessed works positively
Jarocin Bypass15,000 persons268 persons25 persons assessed works neutrally86 persons
19 persons assessed works negatively
6 persons assessed works positively
Railroad connection Kraków Zabłocie - Krzemionki5,000 persons138 persons22 persons assessed works neutrally43 persons
15 persons assessed works negatively
23 persons assessed works positively
Office building BZ WBK Leasing in Wrocław 21 thousand615 persons21 persons assessed works neutrally61 persons
17 persons assessed the work negatively